About us

Vacation rentals are a very popular type of rental in some European countries. And this trend was brought by GoHouse directly to Rio de Janeiro!

Who are we?

With a degree in business administration from the University of São Paulo and PLD from Harvard Business School, the founder Mario Galvão foresaw the potential of furnished vacation rental properties and, therefore, founded GoHouse in 2012.

Due to the good management and the team itself, we are currently the largest vacation rental agency of furnished real estate in Rio de Janeiro, with property options for all tastes and needs. We focus on complete transparency with customers and owners whom work with us, to give the relationship a strong online presence and operational excellence.

What is our goal?

One of the goals is to be the largest company in the country when it comes to our branch. To this end, we have a growth plan for each month of our company, focused on owners and customers.

Our strategy is based on targeted studies, international trends and constant analysis of GoHouse itself and the market in which it is embedded.

Through this plan, we intend to revolutionize the way homeowners rent their properties and how people vacation in Brazil.

How does GoHouse work?

Learn about GoHouse step-by-step:


1 When we find an owner with a property to be part of our website, we take professional photos (without image edition) and do survey.

2 Our Marketing team writes a description of the property, selects and publishes images on our website and in the largest vacation rental websites in the country.

3 All of this happens while the sales team is already in place to begin renting your apartment as much as possible!

What are the advantages of GoHouse?

In addition to a large base of real estate, GoHouse also features:

• Cleaning services for renters

• Maintenance and troubleshooting during leases

• Issuing invoices for corporate clients

• Check-in and check-out with survey

Book one of our properties or advertise your apartment with GoHouse. You will be amazed with our services!