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Vacation rental in Copacabana 

The most famous neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro has many attractions. Museums, forts, nightlife and the most visited beach in Brazil make the vacation rental in Copacabana one of the most sought after by tourists.

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Nicknames like “Princesinha do Mar” (Little Sea Princess) and “Coração da Zona Sul” (Heart of the South) exemplify much: this region of Rio has a beach that bathes its entire length. The sands of Copacabana attract attention for sheltering people from all parts of the city and the world. Cultural diversity throughout the district becomes an attraction for those coming from outside.

And it’s not just the beach that makes Copacabana a great option for vacation rentals. Its reputation as “neighborhood-city” shows that those who live in this neighborhood will certainly have everything – or almost everything – close to home. By spending a season in Copacabana, you’ll notice the trade of the region is so abundant that there will be nothing missing near you! Banks, restaurants, pharmacies, bars, coffee shops, all kinds shops and business centers exist in every corner of this neighborhood.

Another convenience offered by the region is the ease of transport. In addition to numerous bus stops, Copacabana has 3 subway stations. They are:

  • Cantagalo
  • Siqueira Campos
  • Cardeal Arcoverde

This many options of transportation make it very easy to get to other places. Not to mention all the neighborhoods that border to Copacabana! Depending on where you are located, you can walk to Ipanema, Lagoa, Leme and even Botafogo.

In short, when you rent an apartment in Copacabana, you’ll be sure your stay will be comfortable, practical and fun!

Vacation rental apartments in Copacabana

The rent in Copacabana itself already guarantees that you’ll be staying in a good location. But beyond that, the apartments in the neighborhood are fresh and most of them have air conditioning. That is, despite being in a seaside neighborhood that values the sunny days, you will not be extremely heated – unless you are on the beach!

In the region you can also watch closely the mix of cultures in any of its 101 blocks. On a bike ride or walk on Calçadão (Boardwalk in Portuguese stones by the beach), you realize that your stay in Copacabana will be full of different people, funny situations and music!

And, speaking of which, we cannot forget the countless bars with live music in the neighborhood. All vacation rental apartments in Copacabana have a bar or kiosk close by with live music. MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), Bossa Nova, National Rock, Pagode, Samba and even Jazz are part of the mix of sounds we hear when passing by some of the 79 streets of the neighborhood.

GoHouse apartments in Copacabana

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